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Drama Therapy and Autism


Join Dan Evers as he talks about his work as an actor and special education teacher working with kids on the autism spectrum!

Mayron “Dan” Evers is a native Texan who moved to Southern California in 2004 to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from California State University, Fullerton. After successfully completing the 3-year program, Mr. Evers worked as an adjunct professor, director, dialect coach, and actor before moving to New York City to further his acting career. While living in New York City he became a member of Actor’s Equity, performed in several Off-Broadway productions, and one national tour. Mr. Evers then pursued another passion, Drama Therapy, and earned a Master of Science Teaching degree in Education from Pace University. He also worked as a special education drama instructor in the south Bronx, teaching children with severe emotional behavior disorders appropriate social interaction skills and how to regulate their emotions. In his spare time Mr. Evers enjoys expanding his knowledge base by attending various theatre workshops and practicing his character impressions.

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