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Ed Coambs: Financial Therapy for Couples & Individuals – TPS477


Ed Coambs is a couples therapist specializing in financial therapy. He loves helping couples go from despair and overwhelm to financial intimacy. It is not always an easy process, but it is one worth taking. He uses the latest in love and brain science to help couples flourish financially.


Ed tells us how he evolved from firefighter and financial advisor to financial therapist.
There’s so much emotion around money and no one tells us how to deal with that. Therapists don’t talk about money and financial planners and advisors don’t talk about emotions.
Part of Ed’s journey was understanding his own psychological issues.
We all have a relationship with money, much of which develops in early childhood.
When couples argue about money, they are often arguing about their emotional needs.
Couples often act out their parents’ relationship with money.
We talk about how childhood experiences affect your relationship with money.
Income disparity between siblings is common.
Ed describes what financial intimacy is really about.
We talk about shame and Ed shares his experience with shame around money and how to overcome it.
Understanding brain chemistry helps us to understand our responses about money.




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