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Emotional Intelligence at Work — Building Trust and Transparency Leadership Skills: Interview with Brent Darnell | Episode 54

Emotional Intelligence — What is it and Why Does it Matter at Work?
Despite being in public awareness for many years, emotional intelligence remains an undervalued competency in many workplaces. The more we learn about the impact of training on emotional intelligence at work, the more we impressed we are with the ways it can affect safety, retention and even insurance costs. If you are an “Alpha” or a “Self-Sacrificer” in your leadership style, you may experience burnout if you are not able to cultivate emotional intelligence skills. In the podcast, we help leaders overcome “the smartest person in the room syndrome, and learn more about the four basic elements to emotional intelligence and the 16 competencies of the EQ-i 2.0:

1) Self-awareness: The ability to tune into our emotions and intuition and have them help guide our decision making along with our reasoning.

2) Self-regulation: The ability to acknowledge our emotions as alarms or signals and attend to them without having them interfere with our functioning. By contrast, people with high emotional intelligence leverage their keen sense of emotions to enhance their well-being.

3) Social awareness: The ability to be in touch with the emotions of others.

4) Relationship management: The ability to leverage this awareness to inspire, influence, build trust and manage conflict.

About Brent Darnell
Brent Darnell
Brent Darnell is a playwright, author, actor, improviser, and Dramatists Guild member. He is also a pioneer in bringing emotional intelligence to the construction industry and has taught people skills to technical people at 100 different companies in 20 different countries. He also teaches these skills at Auburn, Penn State, Virginia Tech, and the University of Cincinnati. He has published eight books on emotional intelligence and people skills for technical people.

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