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Employment Law Advice During Covid-19–Stuart Silverman

Stuart Silverman returns to my podcast to discuss employment law during Covid-19. He has over 30 years of experience in the legal field. He discusses the financial, physical, and emotional impact on employers and employees during this time.

More about Stuart Silverman:
Stuart Silverman has been practicing law in South Florida for over twenty-five years. His practice focuses on labor & employment, litigation, and business & corporate law. His extensive employment litigation experience includes claims under age race, and sex discrimination, wage and hour claims, ADA, and FMLA claims, whistleblower claims, public employee’s claims employment contracts, non-compete agreements, trade secrets disputes, and partnership breakups.

His background allows him to help individuals and companies prior to suit being filed including workforce compliance issues, preparing employment handbooks and policies, employee contracts, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements policies, procedures, contracts and buyouts, and severance issues.

In addition to litigating labor and employment cases, his litigation experience includes business and commercial litigation. He has been a frequent author and lecturer on employment law. His recent seminars many with an emphasis on wage and hour law include Human Resources Law: What You Need to Know Now (2016 and 2013) Employment Law Comprehensive Guide (2014), Employment Law Update (2012), Florida Unemployment Compensation 101 (2012), Employment Laws Made Simple (2012), Advanced Employment Law: Working Through Common Problems (2011), Employment Laws Made Simple (2009) Executive Compensation (2009 nationwide seminar)Social Networking: Employer And Employee Rights And Duties (2009 nationwide seminar) Avoid Common Ethical Pitfalls ( 2010 nationwide seminar) Employment Laws Made Simple (2007), Employment Discharge and Documentation in Florida (2006), Family and Medical Leave Act in Florida (2006), Florida Wage & Hour Update (2004), Family and Medical Leave Act in Florida (2003), Fundamental Issues in Florida Human Resources Law (2002), Employee Leave Rights under State and Federal law: What every Florida employer needs to know (2001).

You can learn more about Stuart on his LinkedIn profile:

For more support on workplace bullying and discrimination–check out

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