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Ep014: Andrew Shannon – The Code Green Campaign

Join Andrew Shannon, Public Information Officer, of this amazing organization as we speak about the hard topics of responder suicide, prevention, and education.

The Code Green Campaign was started in March of 2014 after a group of EMS professionals noticed the alarming rate of suicide in EMS. The Code Green Campaign is a first responder oriented mental health advocacy and education organization. Also known as Code Green, they serve all types of first responders, including firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, dispatchers, police, corrections, air medical, and search & rescue. The name comes from the color for mental health awareness (green) and “code alerts” that EMS uses to designate an emergency patient. For example, if someone is having a stroke or heart attack that needs rapid intervention, first responders will tell the hospital the patient is having a “code stroke” or a “code STEMI.” The idea is that Code Green is calling a code alert on the mental health of first responders.

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