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Ep020: Travis Pipes – The Universality of Stigma in Mental Health

Travis Pipes was a featured speaker at the 2017 ‘Many Faces Of Mental Illness Conference’ hosted by Siouxland Mental Health at Iowa State University. Travis is a member of the CNQR (pronounced ‘conquer’) Collective which is a wellness company based in Atlanta, GA working to change the typical approaches and end stigma in the world of mental Health and wellness. He’s also the primary mental health and substance abuse recovery advocate and speaker at The Milwaukee Police Academy.

Travis will also be debuting his new show on blog talk radio at the Mental Health News Radio network. It’s called ‘Wide Open Looks.’ Featuring stories of mental health, addiction, recovery, change, and perseverance inside and outside the lines of sports. He’ll be discussing his lived experience, viewpoints on mental health and writing as they apply to topics such as stigma, recovery, wellness and image and performance in sports.

Travis currently resides in Wisconsin. He’s a published NFL sports writer and studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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