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Episode 25- Creating the Change You Wish to See in Yourself and the World

Episode 25- Create the Change You Want to See

Join Life Coach Arnie Fonesca and I as we speak about actually becoming the change you want to see in yourself and the world.

Arnie Fonseca, Jr is a strategic life coach, an interventionist, speaker, and consultant. He is the visionary behind Hands of Hope Coaching, a company that is making lasting change a possibility for anyone that is committed to creating positive, happier, healthier and more fulfilling experiences in their life, love and work. 

Arnie wants you to become The Change You Want To See In Others! Great leaders and individuals are not immune to failure, but they refuse to let their mistakes and misfortunes sink them.  Arnie is someone who has overcome adversity throughout his  life by not only persevering but also believing that H.O.P.E. is an action word; Having Only Positive Expectations!



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