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Episode 26- Travis Martin, Chapter One Foundation, and the “Hope Dealer.”

Episode 26- The Chapter One Foundation

Join Founder, Travis Martin, as we discuss his last days in the fire service and how he turned his darkness and despair into a new creation as a “hope dealer. Travis was a career fireman in Florida for many years until the demons of his past and the stressors of the job culminated in a suicide attempt and losing everything. His story of inspriation is a message of hope for all. Below is an excerpt form his biography.

In my own life, I continue to battle the PTS beast. In September of 2017 I had to spend a month at the IAFF center of excellence in Upper Marlboro, MD. The peers I met are now friends for life. I grew a lot from that experience. In fact, I discovered my ability and gift for art. When I returned home, I enrolled in Full Sail University for Computer Animation. Month in and I am crushing it. But daily I live this recovery. It’s bad lows sometimes lasting days not weeks any more. My kids, family, and friends are still very unsure of my recovery but I do my best to do the things I need to do to keep me healthy.  I put all my heart and passion into Chapter 1 and my college classes. I hope to work as a graphic designer/animator in less than three years. I also hope to have a Chapter 1 Foundation in every major city by 2025.


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