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Episode 43- 911 Buddy Check

Join Alabama Flight Medic Daniel Mills and I discuss his very personal and raw battle with mental health and substances. He has recovered and come out on the other side and is doing a lot to help others not only as a prehospial provider but as a major advocate for mental health. Daniel M. Mills is a seasoned 16-year veteran in fire and EMS in Alabama. He is married to his best friend and a father of 2, Brynleigh and Aaron. Daniel was a professional firefighter for over 12 years before leaving the fire service to fly full time as a flight paramedic. He has been a critical care flight paramedic for over 6 years now, as well as a trauma/neuro researcher. He is a veteran of the US Navy where he served as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman with the United States Marine Corp for 8 years. Daniel has overseas time to the Middle East, Africa and Spain. He has been an educator now for over 10 years. He currently flies full time and runs the 911 Buddy Check Project. Daniel is also a recovering addict from a 15 plus year addiction problem. #PTSD #Addiction #Mental Health #cocaine #alcohol #parameidc #firefighter #nurse # EMT #police #cop #military



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