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Episode 51: Billie Carroll (she/hers), a Holistic Recovery and Resiliency Counselor, shares how yoga helps her connect to the divine spark


Billie Carroll (she/hers) is a Holistic Recovery and Resiliency Counselor who uses the technologies of mediation, Yoga and Ayurveda to help people reach new levels of recovery and thriving. She is certified in many areas of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda and has traveled to Rishikesh India to study. She is a certified trauma informed and trauma releasing Yoga teacher, Ayurveda consultant and Peer Recovery Specialist who works with people with addictions, trauma, body image dissatisfaction, and/or mental health issues. She is a Yoga Body Positive ambassador and a partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. She teaches classes and workshops in studios, for non-profits, crisis stabilization units, domestic violence shelters, drug and alcohol treatment facilities as well as jail and prisons.

She believes that yoga helps her connect to the divine spark and share that spark with the world, and brings that perspective to the podcast today.

When not working Billie enjoys reading, gardening and creative projects. She also enjoys getting out in nature and spending time with her husband David, their cats, dogs and turtle.

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