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Episode 66: Lucie Waldman (she/hers) – published author, mental health advocate, and recovered from an eating disorder – shares her story

Catherine and Francis are excited to welcome Lucie Waldman — a self-published author of the book called the Jots of Becoming, a book of her narratives and insights after fully recovering from Anorexia Nervosa — to the podcast. In this conversation, Lucie shares how the onset of her eating disorder symptoms differed from the mainstream narrative of eating disorders; how treatment was helpful and unhelpful; and how she is using her recovery to serve and help others experiencing eating disorders. As an ambassador with ProjectHEAL, she donates 20% of her book money to help provide financial support for those struggling to access care. She runs an eating disorder awareness and support account on Instagram (@lucie_shedding_layers). In addition, she enjoys speaking for other podcasts and mediums about the intersection between Judaism and Mental Health and is deeply passionate about mental health, Eating Disorder recovery, and equities in the treatment setting after her own experiences. Currently, Lucie is a psychology major with a Jewish Studies minor at Old Dominion University. In the summers, she works URJ Six Points Sci-Tech Academy-East doing writing and mental health and wellness for the camp community. In the future, she wants to continue work in the Jewish and Mental Health field by becoming an Eating Disorder therapist and hopefully opening her own treatment center. We’re excited to have her on the show and are grateful for her insight and story!

To further connect with Lucie or learn more about her book, visit her here:
Instagram: @lucie_shedding_layers
FaceBook page for Jots of Becoming:

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