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Executive Functioning and NeuroDiversity


Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Robin Tate, a life coach, and NeuroDiverse Couples’ coach. Today we discuss Neurodiversity and strategies for executive functioning.

Robin describes a little about herself:

I am a professionally trained Teacher and Coach who is passionate about providing the best experience to my clients. As well as training, I have an in-depth understanding of the impacts of living with an Asperger’s Profile and/or ADHD in a world that is neurotypical. My approach to coaching is client-centered and strength-based. I join with clients to work through obstacles and meet self-determined goals. For Neurodivergent adults, challenges are often rooted in neurological differences which impact communication, executive function, and/or sensory regulation. As an experienced educator, I also have an understanding of learning disabilities, learning styles, accommodations, and a toolbox of strategies.

Coaching and education services are complementary to a variety of other professional services. When needed, I easily collaborate with other professionals and family members.

I meet with clients via online video calls (worldwide). I also meet with clients in person, as agreed to be necessary and safe on a case-by-case basis.

Find her at:

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