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Featured Guest – Actress Kate Nowlin from Blood Stripe

Dr. John Huber ( is the Chairman for Mainstream Mental Health

News Stories of Week

New Show ’13 Reasons Why’ Worries Mental Health Experts

“13 Reasons Why” is based on a 2007 young-adult book written by Jay Asher. It is about a high school student who kills herself and leaves behind 13 audio recordings that detail the events that led her to commit suicide. In the recordings, she describes her experiences with sexual violence, drug abuse and bullying. The 13-part show was co-produced by American actress and singer Selena Gomez. The streaming service Netflix released the show on March 31.


Teens May Disguise Depression Symptoms By Saying They’re ‘Down’ Or ‘Sad’


Study Reveals Men & Women Are Equally Miserable About Their Body 

A study in the Body Image Journal looked at 12,176 online surveys gathered by NBC News and Today, and found that the amount of women disliking their bodies is around the same as the amount of men who feel the same about theirs. So it’s not just a women’s issue. 6% of men and 9% of women reported that they were very to extremely dissatisfied with their looks. 15% of men and 20% of women said that they felt very to extremely dissatisfied with their weight. 28% of men and 26% of women said they were very to extremely satisfied with their looks.


Kate Nowlin is an actress and writer, known for Young Adult (2011), The Adjustment Bureau (2011) , The Mighty Macs (2009) and most recently, Blood Stripe (2016). Blood Stripe is about the trials and tribulations of a female combat veteran and her battle with vigorous PTSD. 


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