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Find Peace Within During Tumultuous Times – TPS531


I have been feeling uncomfortable because of all the conflict that is going on in the world, often concerning things that are beyond my control, including the growing amount of anti-semitism. In this episode, I discuss this and other thoughts about living in a world with so much hate.


We can’t have peace in the world until people learn to live with each other.
If you are worried about inflation and aren’t paying attention to what’s going on, you might vote for people who don’t have your interests at heart.
If you elect angry people, you’re not going to have a peaceful world.
People who are brought up in homes with a lot of fighting, often become angry as adults.
Hate makes no sense to me.
We need to find ways of finding peace within ourselves and learning how to love ourselves and others.
If you were brought up in an abusive home, it’s almost impossible to love and appreciate yourself because you weren’t taught how to do that.
It’s hard for me to keep quiet when I see what looks, to me, like injustice.
I believe that love is the healer.
Something has to change in the way we are thinking, believing, and behaving to get over the amount of anxiety that’s present in the society now.
You can’t change what’s going on in society, but you can change what’s going on within yourself.
Right now, people are picking on Jews. At some point, it’ll be a different group because people who don’t love themselves have to have “the other” to pick on.
There are too many people on this planet to be in conflict.
We don’t need more war. We need to teach peace.
Are you willing to learn how to be a peaceful person? If you’re not, then you’ll probably wind up with all sorts of diseases.
My goal is to help people find health, wealth, and peace of mind. I hope to do this through The MetaMind Circle.
You can’t be truly prosperous unless you have peace of mind.
The people who make the most noise are often not the ones who are trying to build a peaceful world.

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