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From Autism Awareness to Autism Acceptance


Join Dr. Stephanie Holmes and Jude Morrow, author and speaker, to discuss how it is time to move beyond “Autism Awareness,” and move to Autism Acceptance and that we begin to increase training of neurodiversity. Jude Morrow received an Asperger’s diagnosis at the age of 11 and despite having educational challenges, he graduated from the University of Ulster with an Honor’s degree in Social Work in 2012.  He is the found of Neurodiversity Training International and also the author of, “Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad?”

Neurodiversity Training International, NTI, is the world’s premier training, coaching, and advocacy platform providing CPD accredited training for neurodiverse individuals, schools, employers, and families.  NTI is based in Northern Ireland but delivers a range of online learning and they are able to travel.

The world needs a new perspective, and Jude Morrow’s new book “Loving Your Place on the Spectrum” offers the opportunity to start looking at autism, not as something that needs to be fixed but rather simply better understood.  Jude does this by using his own experiences and anecdotes of other successful individuals on the spectrum. Jude Morrow provides parents, workplaces, readers, and society an alternative, strengths-based viewpoint, where autistic people are accepted, embraced, and loved.

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