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From Rehab to Reintegration : Wes Hurt with CLEAN Cause


Hi, I’m Wes.

I’m a person in recovery and the founder of CLEAN Cause.

I founded CLEAN with a mission — to create a sustainable source of funding to help individuals recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

My story isn’t that different from most addicts and alcoholics. I began drinking and smoking pot in my teens. After high school, I was drinking daily and my, once experimental, drug use became full dependency.

In my late 20s, despite my addictions, I managed to build a successful business – cupcakes of all things.

Extreme negative consequences weren’t enough to curb or stop my using. Stints in rehabs and a psych ward, the deterioration of my marriage and loss of trust from everyone I loved, getting fired as CEO of my own company, multiple DUIs and arrests, physical injuries and finally, living in an office of a beat up warehouse – still weren’t enough.

The turning point came one night in that warehouse, lying on the floor, staring up at the ceiling. My heart did something I had never felt before, an eerie fluttering for some time. For the first time, I believed that addiction would take my life.

The next day, I called my wife to tell her I didn’t think I was going to live much longer. Up until then she had taken the tough-love position and had refused to watch me die. But that day she extended yet another lifeline telling me to come home “right now” if I really wanted to get help. I accepted her offer.

They say it’s darkest before the dawn. Cliché, but true. Through God’s grace, relationships have been restored, I’m a father of two beautiful sons (Jude and Otis) and I’ve found purpose in CLEAN Cause.

Call-to-Action: Helping folks recover from addiction is a Cause we as a culture can unite behind. Join us – as it’s going to take a village to kick this beast’s ass.

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