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From Survivor to Thriver: Rose-Marie Vieira

Rose-Marie Vieira was bullied and tormented for being in the Foster program.  Raised in foster homes, where once other kids learned I wasn’t being raised by my own family, they tormented in various forms. They would hit me over my head with their books, too. My books were thrown out the windows, and push me down the stairs. I would be tormented during recess with, “Your own parents didn’t want you, so why should we?” Once I entered the working world, I thought all that would end until I discovered that bully children grow up to be bullying adults. My first experience with a bullying adult had him judging me on a scale of 1-10 daily. I was relieved when that business shut down. The ultimate bully was an employer from 2008 who would yell at me every day & day I was incompetent.  I cried on my way to work every day, as well as on my way home from work.  I dreaded going in each day because I never knew what his torment of the day” might be.I found out in the form of a dolly truck he yanked out of my hands and flung at me. At this time I had met and sought the council of Dawn. She was able to reach me through my heightened PTSD and find my voice and empowerment. I was able to speak up and tell my employer that I could no longer accept this treatment. I lost my job but found so much more – my inner strength. Now, I will no longer tolerate ill, bullying behavior. My resolve was tested shortly thereafter, and I stood up for myself and stopped the behavior in its tracks! I quit a job only a year into my service when I once again recognized a possible issue. Currently, I’m blessed enough to work for the best company ever, working for a LEADER who believes in mentoring good employees.  I am now the happiest and strongest I’ve ever been!

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