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Gender Identity and Autism


Join Stephanie and Elizabeth as they discuss Elizabeth’s research on gender identity and the autism spectrum.

As a Licensed Master Social Worker and Clinical Therapist, Elizabeth Arauz has had opportunities to work in a variety of settings and with all different groups of people. Her professional journey has led her to work in the college setting at KSU as a Case Manager, at Mercy Care, where she focused her time working with the homeless and insured populations with depression and severe trauma, and even as a Hospice Social Worker, where she spent some very hard but beautiful days because of the amazing people in her care and their fascinating narratives.
Elizabeth typically connects well with children (8+), adolescents, and adults struggling with a range of difficulties -depression, anxiety, neurological disorders, gender dysphoria, and those experiencing divorce (parent and/or child). Moreover, one of her passions in this field is to help clients with symptoms of Gender Dysphoria (i.e. social anxiety, depression, gender, and sexual identity confusion/curiosity). She spent 2 years at KSU researching the multitude of possible symptoms, causes, and treatments available to those experiencing gender dysphoria.

For additional information below is a link of Dr. Tony Attwood on gender identity and the autism spectrum.

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