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Here Is What Happens When You Finally Let Go – TPS463


Today I’m going to bring some things to conclusion and open up the door to what might be lying ahead. In this episode, I talk about the fact that I’ve been trying to prove that if you get yourself into the right place, whatever you need to become, who you are becoming will show up. I also explain what I had to do to make this happen.


What can happen when you live in the moment and let go enough to let life happen?
It’s not what happens to us that matters but how we respond to what’s happening.
I came to realize that I can control the amount of positivity that flows through me as well as how I decide to respond to whatever is happening.
It’s a matter of truly becoming a person who is content and willing to lead with love.
You have to let your life evolve so you can discover who you are becoming. However, you will have hints along the way and they will be an arc from your childhood to your life as it evolves.
You need to have feeling goals.
You will learn that you have the power to create what’s right for you – and you alone.
We are living in an unusual time where many people are going through self-exploration and you have the opportunity than usual to discover new aspects of yourself.
When we tune into the feelings of the group around us, it often keeps us from understanding our individual feelings.
You get to decide how you would like to live your life.
Getting yourself to the right place means being willing to follow your inner urge because that’s the voice of the part of you that sees the bigger picture.
Life is a series of choices, then deciding if those choices are really working for you.
I talk about how I decided to become a virtual speaker and what I did – without pushing or marketing – that allowed it to happen.
I share an experience where I started sharing about the energy work I used to do and that I want to do again.
Getting yourself to the right place is not easy. I explain why.
You have the power to control what’s going on inside of you – and only you.
Listen to the advice that others give you, then evaluate what they’ve said in terms of if it feels right to you and if you want to follow what they’ve suggested. This includes when you’re working with a coach.

Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters by Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D.

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