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High Level Narcissists – Masters of Elaborate Lies


 High level narcissists have raised telling elaborate lies to a dark art form. They repeat their lies with emphasis and convincing delivery. The audience is immersed in his/her “story” and the way it is delivered. The narcissist’s nonverbals are impeccable: tone of voice, great eye contact, pseudo empathy.

The high level narcissist appears to be warm and caring. These individuals are so sure of themselves that they have no hesitation. 

The high level makes comments like: “You and I have a lot in common.” “We understand one another.” “I am looking out for you.”

Lies of omission and commission are all part of their performance, their act. 

High level narcissists don’t tire from lying; it is their sustenance. It maintains their power over others. 

You cannot trust someone who is lying to you.  

You are evolving all of the time. This process is not a straight line; it is a process.  

Give yourself tremendous credit for being a person of character and compassion. You are that unique individual that always strives to do the right thing, especially when no one is watching. It is in the deep inner self that you feel the peace of your authenticity and integrity. 

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