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Hosted by a wife with C-PTSD and her neurotypical partner, new podcast Complexities Podcast helps trauma survivors to break abusive cycles.

Since June 2018 Mental Health News Radio Network podcast Complexities Podcast has explored recovery from C-PTSD and years of familial abuse from the unique perspective of a couple healing together; Austin Howard AKA Miss Complexities, a wife with C-PTSD and her supportive neurotypical spouse Patrick Howard, who also happens to be the show’s audio engineer. Austin’s marriage helps her heal from her past and as a couple Austin and Patrick share tips and tricks that have assisted their relationship.

Sharing her personal experience of trauma and recovery to both help herself and raise awareness for other survivors, Austin’s mission with Complexities Podcast was to share from a couple’s perspective how she and her husband keep going. She discusses her favourite healing tools and strategies including books, and therapy modalities on her journey to wholeness and sanity.

She says, “it was my hope my story would help others. I chose podcasting because no one could see my blubbering face. I knew it would be easier for me to be vulnerable over a podcast then a video. I was right and it even led to me a point now where I can talk openly on camera, and cry and be human… It’s a big step for me”.

Complexities Podcast is for people with C-PTSD as well as friends and partners of people healing from trauma. Many people live with the effects of trauma and C-PTSD without knowing it and so the show speaks to anyone who wants to understand and improve themselves, including listeners who may not identify as being formally diagnosed trauma survivors.

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The show aims not to diagnose, cure or fix but to share with listeners how Austin combats the effects of narcissistic abuse and how she controls OCD, perfectionism, disordered eating and black and white thinking in a healthy way. She reveals how in working on herself and freeing herself from the effects of her past she has broken intergenerational cycles of abuse and become a completely different person than trauma conditioned her to be.

Complexities Podcast airs every week on Mental Health News Radio Network, Apple Podcasts, Sound Cloud, and Stitcher, and is available via You Tube. Recent episodes include; CBT, DBT and Shamanic Healing, Sexual Trauma and Why I Can’t Hold Down a Job.

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