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How does food affect our brain?

Stories covered this week include:

Access to Mental Health Services Key to Reducing Youth Suicide Rates

According to research from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, at least one in five teenagers will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for young people ages 10 to 24. 

Advocates in Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) say a 2015 survey showed 13 percent of high schoolers and 16 percent of middle schoolers have seriously considered suicide. Social workers who counsel BPS students say parents need to be more proactive and talk to their children about how they’re feeling. 

Golfer Tiger Woods says prescription medication led to DUI arrest in Jupiter

Golfer Tiger Woods was found asleep at the wheel, had to be awakened and was charged with driving under the influence early Monday morning in Jupiter, according to police. Woods said later in a written statement that prescribed medications contributed to the arrest.

GUEST: Gary L. Wenk Ph.D

How does food affect our brain? Almost everything you choose to consume will directly or indirectly affect your brain. Obviously, some things we consume affect us more than others. I’m going to assume that spices, plants, animal parts, drugs of any kind, coffee, tea, nicotine and chocolate are all just food and define food as anything we take into our bodies whether it’s nutritious or not.

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