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I Adopted a Feral Kitty and Other Thoughts on Self-Care

I did something irrational and some may say a bit reckless. It wasn’t planned. I adopted a feral kitty! My original plan was to sign up as a foster volunteer for one of our local animal shelters. I should have known better. My first attempt at fostering failed. And, I’m happy to report that I’m in love! Connecting with animals is one of my greatest joys and top on my list of how I take care of myself which got me thinking about the concept of self-care. I talk about this all of the time with my clients, so much so, I feel like it has lost its sense of meaning. In this episode, I share some thoughts about “Self-Care” – What is it? Why do we resist doing it? And, I give some tips to make self-care less complicated and more accessible.

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