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“I Can Be A Super Hero During A Lockdown”–Rachel Tepfer Copeland

What if your child had to endure a school lockdown because of a practice drill or a mass shooting at their school? Rachel Tepfer Copeland wrote a best-selling book, “I Can Be A Super Hero During A Lockdown”. The ultimate bully is one who hurts or kills another person, whether it’s a child or an adult.

More about Rachel:

Author of the best selling children’s book ”I Can Be A Superhero During A Lockdown” and a Certified Child Life Specialist. Rachel has over 14 years of experience providing support, education, and interventions to children and their families in the hospital during traumatic situations as a CCLS. She also served as an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist providing developmental care to young children with disabilities in their homes and community. Rachel received her BA from Stephen F. Austin State University and MA in human sciences with an emphasis in psychology and education from Our Lady of the Lake University. Rachel’s greatest accomplishment and favorite job is being a mom of two wonderful little boys. Rachel, her husband, and their sons live in Texas.

Rachel’s LinkedIn:

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