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“I Have Been Bent and Broken – But – I Hope – Into a Better Shape”: My Conversation with Danielle Glick

Danielle Glick is a survivor of multiple traumas: domestic violence, emotional abuse, and a suicide attempt (just to name a few), and now cancer. She describes cancer as the hardest thing she has ever endured, which came as a surprise to her. We share a common profession: mental health. We talk about how hard stuff can break us, break us open. It teaches us to prioritize the important things and people. And, mostly, it clarifies our reason for staying alive.

Danielle Glick is a licensed therapist (LPCA, CADC) specializing in dual diagnosis and medical trauma. She is also a doctoral student, recently having completed her first year toward her PsyD (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology).

Early in 2020 she started not feeling well and shortly after the COVID-19 shut down would find that she had cervical cancer that was spreading to her uterus.

Danielle is a natural advocate having volunteered with “This Is My Brave” & NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Health). So it was no surprise when she decided to use her experience of living with cancer to help others in a similar position.

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