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I Have Something To Tell You – My Precarious Life: B0NUS EPISODE

I have decided to come clean and let you in on how my path towards death has evolved. I admit, I was purposely not disclosing some information. And, in this episode I lay the foundation for my rationale – or at least I explore my rationale. I’m at a crossroads. And, yes, I return to the concept of suffering becasue it’s one of my measuring sticks. I ask all of us to visit our relationship with it: what does it mean to you? How do you mange it? Do you try to avoid it? Embrace it? Someplace in the middle? Suffering doesn’t necessarily mean “bad”. If not, then how do we live with it has humans?

Join me in this BONUS episode. I am sharing my precarious life decisions in real-time. If that’s not an act of vulnerability, I don’t know what is.

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