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#ifyoucouldseeme with Erin Mahone


Welcome Erin Mahone and her incredible podcast to our network. Someone who you zing with immediately because she is so talented and caring – the best kind of charm oozes from her being. Her podcast is #ifyoucouldseeme at or

For over a decade Erin Mahone has worked to build a stronger, more inclusive world. Her work is inspired by a childhood growing up in a family touched by mental illness, years working in the arts and in the mental health field, and her own experiences with anxiety and depression. Erin learned from her grandparents the value of humility, humor, and acceptance. She believes that life’s struggles, no matter how severe, do not define, or limit, a person’s capacity for greatness, achievement, or love. Every person has a distinct story that is worthy of respect. Erin combines storytelling, writing, music, and other elements to share and teach this message with unique and inspiring offerings for audiences large and small.

Using storytelling, visual art, mindful self-compassion and group support, #IfYouCouldSeeMe projects are scalable community based art and performance programs that can impact conversations on inclusion, diversity, and acceptance in unique and powerful ways! These events help participants reframe experiences of pain, shame and disappointment to find their innate power. Sharing in this practice can be an integral step in healing, taking back control, releasing ourselves from feelings of victimhood, forgiving ourselves for not being perfect, and letting go of anger and resentment for those who have hurt us. Participants and audiences alike have expressed the impact they have felt from being part of #IfYouCouldSeeMe.


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