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Increase Your Awareness for a More Comfortable Life – TPS529


It sometimes surprises me when I realize how unaware people are of what’s going on inside and around them. In this episode, I talk about different kinds of awareness and how becoming more aware can improve your life and what you can do to increase your awareness.


Especially if you are in business, you have to be aware of so much more than what’s going on in your life.
If you’re not aware, it’s easy to fall prey to manipulative forces that are doing their best to affect your opinions and buying habits.
Raising your awareness helps you better understand both yourself and the world around you.
People who are busy surviving can’t necessarily pay attention – or develop awareness – about what’s going on around them.
Those who enjoy a higher income life often lose interest or awareness of people who have to struggle just to survive.
A lot of people who get caught up in crime and drugs have had a difficult childhood.
With awareness comes the ability to make decisions that can lead you to a more comfortable life and positive outcomes.
If you’re stuck in who you have been, you’ll have a hard time making profitable decisions. We aren’t going back to “normal”.
If you make the decision to become more aware, your life is going to get better. I promise.
Even if you don’t want to meditate, just sit still doing nothing for 10 minutes a day. I talk about how to do this effectively.
Are you satisfied with what you’re doing? And if you’re not, what are you doing to change what you’re doing?
Make a decision to become more aware no matter what your current level of awareness is.
I talk about the Supreme Court and how their decisions affect you whether you pay attention or not.
The power to change whatever you want to change, it just doesn’t happen quickly and you may have to learn something new.
If you become aware that food companies don’t have your best interest at heart, maybe you’ll make a change.
The chaos that we’re all going to be experiencing is going to affect all of us and you will fare better if you pay attention to what’s happening.

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