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Information Management Needs of Mental Health and Substance Use Programs


Dr. Tom Trabin is now in his 24th consecutive year of organizing and chairing a national conference and trade show on how information systems can help improve care for persons with mental health and substance use disorders. The conference features presentations on the challenges and opportunities presented by electronic health record systems, the most current developments in electronic health information exchange including privacy and security issues, and the practical uses of data for management and clinical decision making. 

Dr. Trabin is a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in policy making, management, and clinical services within the behavioral health care field.  He currently serves as Deputy Director of the California Drug Medi-Cal External Quality Review Organization, working to support the effective implementation of organized delivery systems for substance use treatment throughout California. 

Dr. Trabin worked to design and promote national standards for performance measures, electronic and personal health records, and health information exchange through federal agencies and accrediting organizations, and prominent standard-setting organizations. Dr. Trabin served on the Institute of Medicine Committee that produced the groundbreaking Improving the Quality of Healthcare for Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions. He is active in statewide committees that help formulate the design and implementation of California’s substance use treatment systems of care. He organized and chaired over 30 national and statewide conferences; produced over 60 professional publications including several books; and presented at over 150 international, national and state conferences.   


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