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Is it Autism, Trauma, or Both?


Join Dr. Stephanie Holmes as she meets Kelley Ryals at the AACC conference during her poster presentation on Autism and Trauma. I wanted to have her as a guest to discuss when it is autism & trauma and when trauma is misdiagnosed as autism. We talk, about ADHD, ASD, Trauma distinguishing them apart and when they are combined. 

Kelley’s bio in her own words:
Her focus is on helping you navigate the difficult times in life. her biggest joy is watching an individual become happier, healthier, and more productive. She is a 58 years old, a mother of five, and a grandmother of 2. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Counselor education and supervision with Liberty University because she wants to see as many well-trained therapists out there as possible.

Kelley’s Bio Below:
Autism Specialist, EMDR, Depression, ADHD, Anxiety, Autism and ADHD testing, Couples, Children, Play therapy, Foster Adoptive issues trained in TBRI. IFS Level 1 trained, Level 2 Sand Tray Therapy, Level 2 Gottman trained, member of EMDRIA , the ACA and the AACC. Free Trauma and Grief groups are offered.

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