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Author and Legal Persuasion Strategist, Juliet Huck, on the Trauma Trial and Transformation podcast!

Los Angeles CA, June 19, 2023 —- Juliet Huck, a seasoned legal persuasion strategist with over 30 years of experience has announced that her podcast, Trauma Trial and Transformation, has been invited to join the Mental Health Radio News Network.  The podcast, which debuted in October, 2022, is intended to shed light on the often-overlooked emotional and psychological impact that witnesses and jurors may experience before, during and after participating in a courtroom.

Drawing from her extensive career assisting lawyers and witnesses in high-stakes litigation, Juliet Huck brings her expertise and unique perspective to guide listeners through the complexities and stress of the legal system. With a passion for storytelling and a deep understanding of the healing power of sharing personal experiences, Huck‘s podcast serves as a resource center for witnesses, jurors  and lawyers seeking a holistic approach to witness preparation.

Through conversations with witnesses, key litigators, and mental wellness professionals, Huck seeks to provide insights and alternative approaches to witness preparation. Listeners will discover a wealth of resources to support their mental well-being during the trial journey, from pre-trial anxieties to post-trial healing.

As the CEO/founder of The Huck Group and an accomplished author, educator, and speaker, she combines her courtroom expertise with her experience as a certified breath work practitioner to offer a truly unique perspective.

Listeners can tune in to “Trauma Trial and Transformation” on and on all major podcast platforms. For more information about Juliet Huck please visit her page

Contacts: Ryan McCormick, PR, Goldman and McCormick, NY


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