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Kindness Matters and Announcing the Precarious Project

I’ve been receiving a newly FDA-approved drug since December. My hope has been to give my body the chance to see if the disease responds to treatment in order to improve my quality of life. As it turns out, this treatment has been very difficut for me to tolerate. It’s brought into question so much for me. Every day I wake up feeling grateful to be alive. Everyday I look for the beauty.

In this episode of the podcast, I share a story of a beautifull moment I had with one of my nurses as I was receiving supportive care on a very difficult day. These moments fill my heart. We landed on that in the end, “kindness matters”.

In the last half of the episode, I’m excited to announce a new project. It’s called the Precarious Project. It’s a companion to the podcast and an invitation to share how life’s precarious moments have impacted you. You can find details on the website: The goal is to create community around life’s precarious nature.

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