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5 Stars: the mark of excellence, the height of quality. From movies to kitchen appliances and restaurants to exterminators, it’s the benchmark we use to choose everything. While most people are reluctant to invest in products, services, and entertainment that don’t quite meet the 5-star mark, they often settle for a mediocre career. “If you want 5-star everything, you damn sure should get a 5-star quality career,” declares Penelope Przekop, an internationally recognized quality assurance expert who has worked with Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies for over 30 years.

Ashley Elliott was raised in Conway, Arkansas. A survivor and an advocate for victims, she devoted more than a decade to her quest for justice after her father’s murder and mother’s kidnapping. She holds a BS in Organizational Communication from the University of Utah, and is an avid hiker, athlete, bodybuilder who has competed in and won medals in various competitions. She lives in Utah with her husband and children. The Demon in Disguise is her first book.

Empower a new you! Strengthen your inner power, confidence, and mindset with Laila Ali – undefeated boxer, fitness and wellness advocate, television host!

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