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Language Building


Dr. Holmes and Frankie of Aris Language Builder will be discussing language building. Frankie will share personal and professional insight as to how autism and deafness may affect language acquisition and learning.

Frankie Kietzman grew up in a neurodiverse family with a brother who is deaf and has severe autism. She became a teacher, originally gen-ed, but later taught self-contained autism students at an elementary level, eventually teaching secondary levels. Eventually, she went on to consult for autism and behavior classrooms. She later found herself working for Stages, initially writing articles she was passionate about like peer-mediated interventions, developing life skills, and explaining family dynamics in neurodiverse families. From there she took on projects such as writing IEP goals to align with the ARIS curriculum and later a “blog expert” on the ARIS kit. This led to a full-time position at ARIS because of her love of the product. Her Mission: Help teachers to have everything they need (scripted aba lessons and all the materials) and help students (regardless of zip code) to have success which in turn has a ripple effect on families (which of course is where her heart is).

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