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Lee Tomlinson had a life many would have considered charmed. He has been a successful world-trotting tennis pro, international businessman, major Hollywood film studio owner, award-winning TV producer, and the marketing genius behind the American Film Institute’s 10-year long 100 Greatest Movies.
Then, his world crashed down when he was diagnosed with Stage III throat cancer and underwent months of painful treatments. As a result of his experience with the healthcare system, Lee is now known as the Compassionate Care Crusader. He is on a Mission to Restore Compassion to healthcare, healthcare professionals, and the world at large! In his new book, Compassion Heals: From Self-Care to Healthcare, Lee’s message is about the power of compassion to heal mental, emotional, and physical pain – for others and ourselves.


Because of his unusually active lifestyle, Lee has had more than the usual interactions with the healthcare system.
After his cancer diagnosis, we went through months of agonizing treatments and suffered from a sepsis infection. Lee shares how he felt like he was being treated like a “piece of meat”. No compassion.
When he was at his lowest point, a doctor friend convinced him to speak publicly about the effect of care without compassion.
Everything that divides us can be healed with compassion.
We are genetically programmed to need connection.
Lee shares techniques that we can use to show compassion for ourselves.
You have to take care of yourself and be healthy before you can help anyone else.
The most successful businesses are those that treat their customers and employees with compassion.
Don’t allow others to treat you without caring and compassion.
Compassion is necessary for the best outcome for a practitioner’s patients.
There is a movement now within the healthcare industry to learn compassion because they understand that their income depends on it.
Compassion is teachable, repeatable, and an undeniable healing and business benefit.
Each of us has to learn to speak up and demand compassion.

Lee Tomlinson’s book: Compassion Heals

To book Lee to speak to your group or business, go to Lee’s website.

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