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Sam Kleckley openly shares his story of xanax addiction and how he ultimately found a life of health, balance, and success. As a person in recovery, he knows the worst part of being caught in addiction is the feeling that you are all alone.
His podcast, Live Life in Motion, shines the light on those that have overcome adversity. He hopes that anyone that hears his podcast and is struggling will feel less alone.

Edwin McCain is a singer/songwriter and part of the youturn family. He too has shared openly about his substance use disorder so others will feel more comfortable asking for help.

These two made for quite a lively discussion!

See below for Sam’s Podcast information:

Welcome to Live Life in Motion. A podcast designed to motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Episodes will feature guests from all walks of life, including experts in the field of mental and physical well-being.

We will share stories from individuals that have overcome adversity and pushed forward in life, as well as insights on the tools and techniques that helped them excel.

Each of us is destined for success and here you will learn how to unlock your untapped potential.

Click subscribe and start living life to the fullest. Check us out on Instagram @LiveLifeinMotion

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