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Living in the Now – My Conversation with Dr. Moyez Jiwa

There is so much I appreciate about Dr. Moyez Jiwa. What stands out the most is that he cares deeply about the “patient” experience. I was recently a guest for the second time on the “Health Design” podcast which he hosts. He is also the author of “The Art of Doctoring” and editor and chief of the “Journal Health Design”. Moyez believes that we can change outcomes in healthcare today by focusing on how we communicate which is why he gave me a platform to talk about what it’s like to live with a terminal illness. I am grateful to him for shining a light on the healing power of doctor-patient relationships and encouraging all of us to lean in, listen and learn.

Moyez Jiwa graduated in medicine from Trinity College Dublin (complete with an Irish accent), he trained as a family physician in Scotland, with postgraduate qualifications from Nottingham and Sheffield Universities , UK. He now works as the Associate Dean at the Melbourne Clinical School, University of Notre Dame Australia.

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