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Mainstream Mental Health Radio: How To Help Veterans

Hosted by Dr. John Huber (

Guest: Alton Pete
Title: US Army Retire
Author of “Life is So Precious”

Searching for happiness these days for all the Veterans are one of the most difficult emotional feelings to find. As a Veteran, it seems that someone is always watching to see how we handle adversities. Depression, loss of interest, lack of energy leading into sadness and negative mood swings are on the rise. Some may experience weeping and excessive crying for no apparent reason other than their hearts are filled with so much pain, grief and hurt.

I know how one may feel because I myself have to fight everyday by trying to keep my head above the waters a river from being a veteran and also dealing with the loss of my mom and my sister and this is my battle. Some days are wonderful and my other days are dark and cloudy for me. It’s a war, a fight, a battle, some combat all at the same time. But, as a Veteran who can stay positive, I want to share Healthy Mental Thinking. A pivotal way of reducing depression, anxiety, undesirable stress and the pressures of life that may have cause many to experience the blues in Veterans.

A few wise key examples of how a Veteran can luxuriate a challenging mood into a pleasurable savor to bring the mind, body and heart above any bleak periods that may occur begins with understanding the importance of some celebratory moments from prior achievements, accomplishments and successes. What we gotta do and what we need to do is reach deep inside your inner man and the inner woman and grab those positive thoughts about yourself. Grab that positive Joy and Peace, and know You are Worth Fighting For.

It’s okay to start over by reinventing yourself and learning what drives you and motivates you to the highest level. Be honest with yourself, be open about yourself and seek some counseling if need be. I discovered, getting the madness and the unwanted stress off my chest makes me feel so much better and lighter. Plus, speaking with someone about your issues, still works. That’s the Good News.

As I always say, Love Heals, Delivers and Reveals who we really are within. You are stronger than you think you are. You matter, you’re worth it and you deserve everything positive in your life. We are built to last forever. Love yourself, again…

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