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Married to Spoiled Brat Narcissist Regressed at Age Two


The narcissist may be charming, charismatic and successful in the world but he or she stopped growing psychologically around the age of two or even sixteen months according to Dr. James F. Masterson, a renowned psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher and leading expert on the narcissistic personality.

If you are waiting for your spouse to grow up, develop a conscience or become empathic, you are dealing with the true reality about this personality disorder.  These individuals know how to play to our vulnerabilities. They create visions of escape that are irresistible. Let’s take a midnight flyer to Paris, Machu Picchu, Cotswolds. What are your deepest most secret wishes; the gifted seductive narcissist ferrets them out. 

The psychic structure of the narcissistic personality is split into the highly regressed, badly damaged real self and grandiloquent series of false selves and their artifices. For example, the golden child narcissist from the beginning is treated like the prince of an enchanted kingdom in his family of origin. The parent(s) of the narcissist are often narcissistic themselves. This child is the answer to their longings for a perfect facsimile of themselves. 

These are the main qualities of the regressed narcissistic personality:

All or nothing psychological perspective which is evidenced by the defense mechanism of Splitting.

The narcissist’s conscience is unformed. Their sense of right or wrong is based on whether they will get caught in a certain situation.

As with the child under two years of age, everyone and everything around the narcissist revolves around him. He is always the center of attention. This is particularly the case with the golden child narcissist.

Narcissists are incapable of true empathy, the capacity to feel and understand another individual’s emotions and what they are experiencing from their unique perspective. Narcissists affect a kind of pseudo empathy which is simply a very well-rehearsed tour d’force of acting.

Narcissists are shameless with their outrageous, infantile behaviors. 

Your perspective shifts when you recognize that your spouse is a narcissistic personality. 

Take a clear measure of your marriage to the narcissist. This is a time of reckoning for you, of recognition and evolution of your authentic self. Practice self care each day: rest, sleep, eat nutritious food, movement and exercise that works for you, beautiful music, journaling to freely express your thoughts and feelings. I honor your courage, perseverance, fine character and unique creative gifts.

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