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Mass violence survivor, therapist and endurance athlete Amy O’Neill talks resilience and the survivor journey on new Mental Health News Radio Network podcast The Trauma Impact

Host of new MHNRN podcast The Trauma Impact, Amy O’Neill brings her unique perspective as a survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombing, an endurance athlete and a mental health professional with over two decades of clinical experience to an in-depth look at trauma and mass violence.

With mass shooting attacks on the rise and, given the complicated survivor experience of such attacks, The Trauma Impact not only aims to help survivors in areas that have been impacted by mass violence, it seeks also to promote a more complete understanding of the effects of trauma in general.

O’Neill said, “The impact of trauma and how to treat it is an ongoing area of study – we need to know as much as possible about the trauma impact to understand how to support people in the recovery journey. The plan is that the more we (society) understand about the trauma impact, the more we can help treat and support survivors all over the world.”

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