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Meanwhile on Earth – Selections – A Poetry Reading by Joseph S. Fusaro


From my books ‘Letters to the Universe’ up until ‘Andromeda’ I was doing a lot of soul-searching. I was trying to find out who I was. I was trying to make any sense that I could out of the things I had went through in my 20’s. I finally knew in my head that I wanted to live, I just didn’t physically feel that way. My earlier writing was a product of my seclusion and meditation. Although it was more positive than my schizoaffective and panic-driven-manifesto days, it was still very ungrounded. Yes, I was aware and hopeful, however I was not very present and still felt like I was watching my days pass away from afar. I was the third-person omniscient narrator of my story, and it was boring always knowing what was going to happen. With ‘Meanwhile On Earth’ I decided to take a break from the spiritual and visit this wonderful place called Earth. It was my attempt at coming back to myself. And when I got back I was very surprised that the talk of the town (more the talk of the internet) was sexism, racism, lies, and fear. Even the people that claimed they were there to serve, were really just serving up fear. Damn, I thought I’d be coming back to a place of peace, love, and understanding? It was with ‘Meanwhile On Earth’ that I realized why so many people like myself ran away to a journal to get lost deep into the mind. It felt a little safer in there. “Meanwhile on Earth, I don’t want to hear another word.” Meanwhile on Earth is available on Amazon at

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