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Mental Health Business: Anti-Stigma Programs with Malkia Newman


Malkia Newman joins our show to talk about her work in the mental health field and her personal journey with bipolar disorder.

Behavioral health conditions are common in Malkia’s family. Her struggle with her own mental health led her to CNS Healthcare in 2004 for treatment. She stabilized and went on to pursue a career with the newly formed CNS Healthcare Anti-Stigma Program in 2005.

CNS Healthcare Anti-Stigma Program is a Peer-Led education program that challenges stigma by uncovering commonly held myths and stereotypes. Using poetry and music in her recovery story, Malkia message is that “hope and recovery is possible”. Malkia serves as the Team Supervisor assisting in developing presentations that have reached over 80,000 people in Detroit, Lansing, Marquette in the Upper Peninsula, as well as Washington D.C., New York City, Houston, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Chicago, Phoenix, and Nova Scotia, Canada to name a few. Malkia’s service includes an appointment to Oakland Community Health Network’ Board of Directors as a consumer representative where she serves today. Her tenure on the board
includes serving 2 1/2 terms as board chair and she is one of the two consumers in the state of Michigan to have the privilege do so. An ordained minister, Malkia is a part of the ministry team of New Birth International Church in Pontiac, MI.

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