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Mental Health News Radio Network now hosts podcasts combining pop culture with evidence based therapy to open a dialogue about mental health

Clinical psychologist and author Dr. Janina Scarlet and musician, filmmaker and PTSD survivor Dustin McGinnis host independent podcasts “Superhero Therapy” and “Harry Potter Therapy,” now available on Mental Health News Radio Network.

Both podcasts use pop culture characters to help listeners accept themselves, their vulnerabilities and their mental health struggles as a “heroic journey,” rather than weakness, and deserving of compassion and respect.

Dr. Scarlet, author of “Superhero Therapy,” “Therapy Quest,” and “Harry Potter Therapy: An Unauthorized Self-Help Book from the Restricted Section,” developed “Superhero Therapy” while working with PTSD diagnosed Marines at Camp Pendleton. After hearing some of them recount the horrors they experienced and hearing their belief that they “wanted to be Superman but failed,” Dr. Scarlet understood that using the superhero metaphor to show that they all have vulnerabilities could be a strong way to establish healing and connection. For example, most people know that Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite and also know that it doesn’t make him any less of a superhero. It’s not in spite of vulnerabilities that we find connections in fictional characters, but it is because they overcome them.

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