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Mental Health News Radio Network podcast Rescue the Rescuer tackles addiction and mental illness in the first responder community.

Former New Jersey paramedic Stephen Kavalkovich nearly died from a heroin overdose before finding recovery from drug addiction and mental illness. This journey led to his current role as host of Mental Health News Radio Network podcast Rescue the Rescuer. Rescue the Rescuer sheds light on the mental and emotional stresses faced by police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, EMS providers and other first responders, stresses which can lead to mental illnesses such as PTSD and addiction problems.

Rescue the Rescuer aims to reduce shame and stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction among first responders and find solutions to these problems through open dialogue and advocacy.

Kavalkovich said, “I always knew that I was good at expressing ideas and thoughts. I’d been writing for many blogs but I wasn’t getting the reach I wanted. Being a former paramedic who lost it all to mental health issues and heroin, I knew first responders needed a voice to talk about this and podcasting made the most sense in 2017”.

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