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Mental Health Perspectives: The Psychology of Championship Teams

Mental Health Perspectives with Dr. John Huber & Kristin Sunata Walker

Patriots Win Super Bowl: What Is The Psychology Behind A Championship Team?

The Super Bowl win over the Rams makes the Patriots the greatest franchise in league history, pushing them well ahead of the Steelers, whose last Super Bowl victory came 10 years ago, and who won the majority of their Super Bowls way back in the 1970s. The Patriots have won all of their Super Bowls in the last 18 years, with Brady being the face of the franchise ever since 2001. Since then they’ve gone to an astounding nine Super Bowls, all during a time when free agency and salary caps were supposed to make this type of run impossible.

What are some of the mental qualities that championship teams often have?

Who would you consider to be some of the all-time greatest leaders in professional sports?

Do you think that individuals and teams that dare to achieve greatness could be considered slightly mentally unbalanced because logically speaking, attaining greatness often means defying the odds at every conceivable measure?

Hypothetically speaking, what would you consider to be a mentally tougher team: one that always finds a way to win games or one that manages to remain competitive despite taking humiliating losses?

What some of the advantages that playing competitive sports can give an individual in the workplace?

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