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Mental Health Perspectives: Video Game Shooter Motives Probed

Jacksonville Shooting: Gunman’s Motive Probed; Gamers Call For More Security At Events

Authorities continued to probe Monday why a player at a video-game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, gunned down two people and wounded 11 others Sunday, an incident that has prompted calls for more security at gaming events.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the lone shooter, who is believed to be David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, was among the dead and had killed himself. No motive has been revealed yet. Some media reports said Katz was upset about losing an intense game.

FBI agents, some in bulletproof vests with long guns, searched a family home of the man authorities believe is behind the attack in Baltimore, according to FBI spokesman Dave Fitz. The agents could be seen entering an upscale townhome complex near the city’s Inner Harbor.

The violence broke out during a Madden NFL 19 video game tournament that was held in a gaming bar that shared space with the Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille in an entertainment complex along the St. Johns River in Jacksonville.   

The incident stunned gamers and sparked questions about security at gaming events. They are typically livestreamed from local bars or other gathering spots; the largest are held in sports arenas. Another tournament, the Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas, drew about 15,000 people in March.

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