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Mental Health Tech Wellness


Kristin discusses tech wellness with August Brice. How has the world of technology impacted our mental health?

August is a Tech Wellness Advocate. That means her passion is making sure that you have the information you need to thrive in a world brimming with tech. She loves tech, however, her relationship with her digital devices and tech gadgets is guided by mindfulness… it’s from that place, that she founded

She began this tech wellness journey over 25 years ago when she developed something called Electromagnetic Sensitivity. ES led her to 25 years of research and discovery, unlocking the key to health and wellness, safety and security. The energy of a cellphone did not react well with her body, so she was able to watch as friends developed affection and dependence on their devices. This led her to pursue research on tech addiction and cyber-security issues with technology. The path culminated in a nice balanced ratio and respect for technology which we call the Tech Wellness Ways.


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