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Message From My Guides: How Do We Move Forward In These Tumultuous Times


Kristin and I have an unusual approach to our show content. Unless we have a guest, we allow
our guides to inspire us with the subject matter and then allow the flow to happen, and it
always does! This week, my guides had a message that they requested to be shared with our
audience and I found myself taking dictation. I was asked if I would be willing to be a
messenger for them in this venue as they have much to say so we can expect more messages.
Having worked with these folks for many years, I know and trust them and their guidance. I
include this message below and may it be a blessing to you.
“It is now time to put into use all of the memories of self that you have uncovered through
years of inner work and self-healing. There are those who have been diligently occupied with
the process of remembering who you are and are eradicating all false assumptions of self that
have been imposed upon you and now it’s time to capture and incorporate a new idea of self.
No longer will the belief that we aren’t worthy be entertained, if you cling to the old, obsolete
beliefs that belittle and disempower you, we will remind you of the truth. You came here with
unique skills and those skills are needed now. There is no need to labor over this truth to bring
it into your awareness, your singular contribution is now ready to be given and all you have to
do is open your eyes in the morning and breathe. The more you “try” the more you confuse
and confound yourself and then the flow of this dynamic expression of you is complicated
unnecessarily. What is requested now is that you enter into expansion by giving more attention
to your gifts and abilities and less attention to what you perceive to be your faults. The world
does not need a daily influx of negativity from the lightworkers who have chosen to incarnate at
this time and continue to feel deeply their perceived flaws and imperfections. Now is the time
to focus on our light, our successful transmutation of generational patterns of darkness, the
goodness of our core self, and the miraculous manifestations waiting to be born through our
hearts. We were there at the birth of this material reality and are part and parcel of its
miraculous existence. Accept this understanding, let its vibration reside in every cell, and then
allow it to expand into every aspect of your beingness. Know that we celebrate you, we love
you beyond any human measure and we await your request for guidance and assistance.
Above all…remember who you are.”
Join Kristin and I as we discuss this message and how it impacts our daily life. Namaste,

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