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More Insights From The Afterlife with Nanci L. Danison, Esq.


Nanci L. Danison, Esq. returns to the Outer Limits of Inner Truth to share more insights from her profound After Death Experience. Until 1994, Nanci L. Danison, Esq. () lived the life of a successful trial lawyer with a national health law practice in a large Midwestern law firm. Then, she died during an invasive radiological procedure before surgery, plunging her farther into the afterlife than previously thought survivable. She returned to share her memories of what she learned in heaven and has written five books including “Create a New Reality: Move Beyond Law of Attraction Theory.” Five Insights Nanci’s After Death Experience include: • There is no devil or hell. All people return to the same place after death. • What we did or didn’t do in a previous lifetime has no bearing at all on reincarnation. We do not have to earn heaven; we automatically awaken there when our physical host’s life ends. • We do not enter into human life to evolve, to learn how to love, or to learn how to be more spiritual. We souls are already pieces of Source/God’s own self-awareness and cannot get more evolved, loving, or spiritual than while in our spiritual state. • We are souls that have full freedom of choice about whether to incarnate. We choose a theme or topic of interest as our guiding principle for incarnations and select physical lives that will allow us to experience different aspects of that theme or topic. • You have the spiritual power to literally create the physical world events your body experiences. But most of us either allow our human bodies to act out innate animal instincts and drives, or we unconsciously manifest into our lives the old, erroneous, and harmful beliefs we have carried around as baggage since birth. You can change that. More About Nanci Danison Nanci was a National Merit Finalist in Catholic high school, where she graduated magna cum laude. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology (anatomy and physiology major) and chemistry magna cum laude, a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology magna cum laude, and a doctorate in jurisprudence, and has been listed for decades in Martindale-Hubbell’s “Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.”


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