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Mother and daughter co-authors of a memoir that focuses on trauma and survival, host a ground breaking new podcast called, Which Way? on Mental Health News Radio Network.

As a therapist with nearly three decades of experience, and over seven years as a graduate teacher of psychology and social work, Shari Simmons MSW, LCSW co-hosts new podcast Which Way? with her mother Jann Simmons.  Together, they share their story of generational healing.

Jann Simmons suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her mother and the orphanage she was ultimately placed in.  As an adult, her brain helped to protect her by shoving down her childhood memories to the point that she convinced herself they didn’t exist.  After years of emotional and health issues she didn’t understand, she made the difficult but redemptive decision to get help, uncover the horror of her past, and heal.  In doing so, she found her voice and her power.

Shari’s mom’s story is tragic but also one of courage, strength and resiliency.  This story as well as Shari’s work as a therapist and teacher led to their collective work as authors, speakers and advocates.

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